it's not goodbye, it's see you real soon

Thank you from my whole heart for letting me live my dream, even for just a while.

With love, from Rose City

To our beautiful Community. Rose City Goods will sadly be opening its doors for the last time on May 28. It may seem sudden, but I have fought until the end to keep this little shop of mine going. To say it’s been a challenging 4 years is putting it lightly. There have been so many ups and downs and unfortunately in recent months too many downs to keep it going. There were many factors that led to this decision, and I could go on about all of the reasons we’re struggling but I’m choosing to focus on the positive side of things.

4 years ago I got the keys to my heart. I opened this beautiful little shop filled with beautiful things made by beautiful people. I got to see a decades long dream become a reality and live my dream for 4 years. So regardless of how this turns out, I did the thing and I am so proud of it. I have made new friends and learned so much along the way, that I am leaving the shop feeling so full.

This doesn’t mean that Rose City is done forever. What was once Sunshine Daydream (our in house decor line) will be what Rose City is going to transition to. I hope you continue to follow along as I focus on designing, making and sourcing vintage goods for your home 

To all of the makers, artists and designers who have allowed me to showcase your endless talent and beautiful goods, thank you.To this community for supporting us through many a lockdown, economic uncertainty, and just giving this little shop a chance.

We wouldn’t have lasted 4 years without you and for that, I am forever grateful. For the remainder of the month will be liquidating our remaining inventory and fixtures to help pay staff, vendors and the remainder of our business loans. Shop hours will remain the same until May 28th so come and grab those goods before they’re gone forever! I appreciate your support and hope to see you again soon.