Rose City for WCH Soap
Anto Yukon

Rose City for WCH Soap


These custom soaps were created in support of Women's College Hospital. WCH is a leader in Women's health in Canada and focuses on breaking down barriers and creating better access to care across the country. By purchasing this soap, you are contributing to a cause near and dear to our hearts. 25% from each purchase will be donated to the Women's College Hospital Foundation to support them in achieving their goal of providing better, more accessible health care for all.  

Handmade and cured in Anto Yukon’s northern Canadian studio located in Yukon Territory.

SCENT: Rose + Patchouli

Ingredients: aqua (water), sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium conolate (canola oil), sodium olivate (olive oil), sodium palmate (palm oil), sodium lactate, illite / kaolin (pink clay), essential oils

4 oz bar