Jade Facial Roller
Lunah Life

Jade Facial Roller


These rollers act as a massage tool for your face. Use alone or in conjunction with your skin care routine. Can be used after applying your favourite serum or oil to help your skin absorb the serum.

Jade is commonly used for making massage tools for the face. Jade represents wisdom, balance and peace. It is a highly calming stone, great for irritated skin conditions. It helps improve skin elasticity, encourages lymphatic drainage, and helps prevent wrinkles.

  • Helps fight wrinkles 
  • Helps blood circulation to the face, and assists in detoxification 
  • Decreases puffiness under eyes and around face
  • Brings a natural glow to your face
  • Helps tighten skin, making it appear more youthful
  • Helps absorb moisturizers and serums more fully

    *If using with products, clean carefully with lukewarm water and a damp cloth. Handle is also made of stone and is very delicate, please take care when handling.