Wolf + Hawk Incense
The Wolf + The Hawk

Wolf + Hawk Incense


"It smells really good in here." - Everyone

Consciously handcrafted with wood, flowers, herbs and resins into magical smouldering sticks. 


Moondance: Patchouli + Lavender + Local Honey

Your Time is Gonna Come: Red Sandalwood 

Let Your Love Flow: Rose + Bergamot + Lavender

Take it Easy: Cedar Needles + Tonka Bean + Sweetgrass

Forever in Blue Jeans: Red Sandalwood + Vanilla Bean 

Spirit Walker: Palo santo + Myrrh + Rose

Gypsy That Remains: Patchouli + Mugwort + Cinnamon 

Roxy Roller: Peony + Coriander + Palo Santo Resin 

Tupelo Honey: Chamomile + Honey + Amber Resin 

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Jasmine + Tobacco Flower + Musk Seed

Feels Like the First Time: Hibiscus + Lemon Balm

Crazy on You: Palo Santo + Peppermint + Pinon Resin

Love is the Drug: Lavender + Vanilla bean

Sweet Emotion: Juniper Berry + Mullein + Kashmir Resin 

  • All natural
  • Hand-rolled in London, ON
  • Approx. 50 min burn time

We recommend burning for 10-15 minutes at a time to prolong the life of each stick. The scent will linger after it has been distinguished allowing you to enjoy each stick for a longer amount of time.