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The Business around Black Friday

The Business around Black Friday

The holiday season is fast approaching which means we will be spend, spend spending all of our hard-earned dollars. Where you choose to spend your money is none of our business but we encourage you to consider shopping local this season. Supporting local businesses and artisans has a greater impact on the economy than purchasing at a big box retailer. Studies show that local retailers circulate 45% of their revenue back into the economy compared to 17% for big-box chains. The positive impact it has on the community, however, is priceless. For every single sale that is made at a local shop, the owner does a happy dance (this literally happens). Purchasing locally-made goods from said shop creates a domino effect of positivity from the shop owner to the artist who's goods were purchased. Shopping local ensures that your item was made with care, made by someone's two hands and made with love. 

Every item at Rose City Goods was chosen with care and thoughtfully curated to represent the artist's works in the best way possible. We believe that retail can be done in an ethical, sustainable way, which is why all of our goods were made ethically by brands that are making a positive social impact. 

This is why we are not participating in Black Friday. Even though as a retailer we recognize that we participate in the cycle of consumerism, we don't believe in the sentiment behind Black Friday. We choose thoughtful items from talented artists and the majority of our goods are handmade. Our business model, our commitment to our artisans and our belief in buying sustainable, ethically made goods don't align with this Black Friday business. We also feel that discounting items just to participate in this American phenomenon would be discrediting the work of our artisan community. 

What we are choosing to do instead of Black Friday, is to raise awareness about the Global Climate strike that is happening the same day. We will be donating 10% of our revenue on November 29th to the Toronto Environmental Alliance (

https://www.torontoenvironment.org), a non-profit organization that works so hard to make our city a greener space to live in. Ultimately, Black Friday just feels icky and we'd rather give back to the community! 

We do understand that money is tight this time of year, and we appreciate our clients more than anything! We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you! So to show our appreciation we will be offering a $20 Gift Card for every purchase over $100 on Small Business Saturday. You can use this gift card in 2020 to help beat the winter blues! We will also offer free shipping anywhere in Canada all weekend long including Cyber Monday. Thank you for understanding and for supporting our values! We hope to see you in-store this holiday season!